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10 years of experience - the best guarantee of professionalism

Anca Cars wypożyczalnia samochodówANCA CARS in its present form exists from 2007 - throughout the time we have rented thousands of cars, (cars rented on the cost of the Legal Responsibility of the third party and cars for car service shops) our employees are people connected with automotive industry from the beginning of their careers, there are no random people.



ANCA CARS car rental specializes in 3 main areas:

ANCA CARS fleet consists of new cars - you can find in our offer cars made in current year or last year (the rental fleet cars are changed every 8-10 months), with low mileages in perfect technical condition.
All cars on offer have regularly changed tyres (seasonally), are fully insured and serviced in authorised service stations for particular car makes.

Our Advantages

  • We offer over 50 different car models in variety of categories
  • We provide services throughout Poland
  • We offer every kind of car hire
  • We deliver even unusual rentals

ANCA CARS Rental Services

Short-time rent

wynajem krótkoterminowy

An alternative to meet urgent needs - we have a fleet of cars also for spontaneous rent. Do you need small cars for a few days? Are you planning a weekend trip with your friends and you want to use one car? Does Your sales representative need to service his car? ANCA CARS rentals offers over 50 car models in 14 locations throughout Poland. Contact us and rent a car without redundant formalities.

Mid-term rent

wynajem średnioterminowy

The best solution for seasonal needs of your company or when you are waiting for your ordered car longer. Mid-term rent is from 1 to 12 months and offers more attractive conditions than a short-term rent. ANCA CARS can offer you any given car for rent for mid-term rent, providing full service and support before, during and after the rental period.

Replacement cars

auta zastępcze z odszkodowania OC sprawcy

We specialize in providing replacement cars for victims of traffic accidents and collisions (replacement car on the cost of the Legal Responsibility of the third party), as well as replacement cars for the time of service and repairs of the owners car. Our standard is non-cash billing, professional help and advice in the scope of the choice of the car during the whole rental process of the replacement car.

Replacement car

on the cost of the Legal Responsibility of the third party

Did you have an accident?

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