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When our car is damaged during road collision, we don’t have to use means of public transport. In this case, we are allowed to rent a car at the expense of the liability insurance of the accident’s perpecrator. Services in the scope of replacement cars provided by the ANCA CARS.

We offer help both to individual and institutional Clients. Our Clients receive replacement car for the whole period of the liquidation of losses without implementing financial means, as long as the losses were caused by a third party.

Our Client receives a replacement car after signing a contract for the period of the liquidation of losses in their car. The length of the rent period depends on the time required for the liquidation of losses on the victim’s car and insurance company authorisation.

Replacement car-rental regulations:

Replacement car obtaining rules for the road accident victim:

  1. Costs clearing and billing comes directly from the insurance company of the accident’s perpetrator through non-cash or credit system.
  2. No deposit.
  3. No mileage limit.
  4. Unlimited number of drivers allowed to drive the rented car during the rental period. No additional costs due to pick-up and return of the replacement car.

ANCA CARS Clients benefit from signing a contract with us as, among others:

  • quick access to the replacement car,
  • no need to implement Clients own financial funds,
  • saving time.

We are able to offer replacement car for any car regardless of car production date or make.

How to get a replacement car at Anca Cars?

Especially for our clients we provide wide range of new, well equipped cars that offer high quality comfort on short distances in the city, as well as, during longer journeys. All our cars are fully insured with road assistance service.

Z myślą o naszych Klientach przygotowaliśmy szeroki wachlarz nowych, bogato wyposażonych samochodów, które gwarantują wysoki komfort jazdy w każdych warunkach zarówno w mieście, jak i na długich trasach. Wszystkie auta są ubezpieczone oraz posiadają Assistance.

ANCA CARS has its locations throughout Poland in the biggest cities in country including Warsaw, Cracow, Bromberg, Poznan and Lodz. We are waiting for you also in Katowice, Zielona Góra, Bialystok, Szczecin, Wroclaw and Bromberg.

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